The New Age Solution to Computer Eye Strain

The New Age Solution to Computer Eye Strain

Optometry Technologies Advancement – The New Age Solution to Computer Eye Strain

It comes as a shock to none that spending most of the time in front of a computer can have many long-term repercussions. Most people don't understand that spending excess time in front of any screen causes eye strain, red eyes, and other signs of computer vision syndrome (CVS). The cause of such inconvenience is primarily the extended use of digital devices, and as a result, they are a top concern in the eye healthcare industry. What's important is to realize where to draw the boundary and but your eye doctor's advice first.

Suppose you are under the age of thirty-five. In that case, you might experience digital eye strain, blurred vision, or even headache when using a computer because of your eyes' inability to remain focused. Prolonging the use of screens and shifting your vision towards the screen, keyboard, and back will tire out your eyes and deteriorate your eye health in the longer run. The reason for your eyes to get tired and worn out after staring at a screen can be easily explained with computer vision syndrome or CVS and how it affects an individual.

What You Need to Know About Computer Vision Syndrome

One common problem faced by the eye care industry is computer vision syndrome, a condition that revolves around your eyes reacting to images. As your eyes continuously react to changing images, shifting focus, and reporting to the brain – your eye muscles tend to become weary with time. All of these tasks require significant effort and have to work overtime when faced with a computer screen. As with a computer screen, your eyes have to constantly adjust with flicker, glare, change in brightness, contrast, and more, making computer vision syndrome a standard part of the equation.

Moreover, as it has been proven, individuals blink far less frequently while using a computer; this adds to the eye healthcare industry's concern and incites them to created advanced optometry technological solutions. While it is common to observe CVS when working on the computer periodically, here are some common signs that you should look out for:

  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Dry, red eyes
  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Neck or back pain

Finding Solution in Eyewear – Computer Glasses

For starters, we recommend scheduling a comprehensive eye exam that allows you to rule out any vision-related problems and get an eyeglasses prescription if required. Then, it is ideal for getting your eyewear checked for being up to date or not. If not, your digital eye strain and discomfort could have deeper roots than just CVS. It is best to opt for computer glasses when working for long durations. Computer glasses have a unique purpose and are different from regular wear eyeglasses and reading glasses in a number of ways.

Suppose you have other eye conditions as well, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In that case, you can opt to get a comprehensive solution that has the attributes of eyeglasses and computer glasses. Eyewear type can be selected based on your requirement, such as Bifocals can provide clear distance and near vision or with the progressive lenses or trifocals. Worse still, without computer eyewear, individuals readily experiencing the digital eye strain have a tendency to lean towards their monitors. This results in further causes of inconvenience, such as sore necks, back pain, and shoulder strain.

Lens Designs For Computer Eyewear

As an optometry technological and eyecare solution – there are numerous lens designs that work well as computer glasses. While you may be inclined towards using existing eyewear as a substitute to getting computer eyewear, eye healthcare specialist advises getting computer glasses made depending upon your use. One fits all strategy is not acceptable for such cases, and here are some lens designs that can work well for you:

Single Vision Computer Glasses

When faced with digital eye strain, the best solutions are to think on the lines of something simple, such as Single vision computer glasses, a pair of glasses with a single lens power that is tailored to provide the user with the most refined and most transparent view possible. Designed according to the individual's use, the lens power helps in removing effects of computer vision syndrome by relaxing the amount of accommodation required to keep objects in focus at the distance of the computer screen and provides the largest field of view.

Progressive Computer Glasses

One other option you can opt for is Progressive computer glasses, which are multifocal pairs of glasses that corrects near, intermediate, and, up to a point, distance vision. Created by an eye healthcare specialist to have a more significant intermediate zone than regular progressive lenses. This allows you to view distance objects more comfortably and can provide a cooling effect. However, it is essential to keep in mind only using the computer glasses for their intended purpose and not for other activities such as driving.

To conclude, it is essential to prioritize your eye healthcare above working or gaming for long hours in front of a monitor. The first step to avoiding long-term repercussions is by paying attention to the signs and consult an ophthalmologist on time to get a proper review of the current condition. New and advanced optometry technology in eyewear can make all the difference you need to keep your eyes healthy and happy!