Paper Solar Eclipse Glasses CE and ISO Certified

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BEST SOLAR OBSERVATION: Access a direct view of the solar eclipse! Featured with the premium filters that reduce the harmful effect of ultraviolet, infrared, and intense visible light rays, our eclipse glasses set is completely safe for viewing the sun and upcoming Eclipses!

100% SAFETY AND QUALITY: Tested to meet the international standard, our solar eclipse glasses ISO Compliant [ISO 12312-2 (2015)] 

PREMIUM FILTERS: Absolutely safe for looking at the sun during the eclipse. Our solar eclipse viewing glasses come with premium filters that create a sharp orange-colored image of the sun that is excellent for viewing an eclipse!

SOLAR PROTECTION: Stay safe with our solar eclipse glasses! Protect your eyes from retina damage that comes from staring at the sun without Certified sunglasses for eclipse. Our eclipse glasses filter out 100% ultra-violet, infrared, and 99% intense visible light that are harmful to your eyes!

Paper Solar Eclipse Glasses CE and ISO Certified Safe Shades for Direct Sun Viewing

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